Carry Hauser

1895 Vienna - 1985 Rekawinkel

Carry Hauser was born in Vienna on February 16, 1895. After a course at the Vienna Graphic Arts and Research Institute in 1911 and 1912 and the attendance , from 1912 to 1914, at the arts and crafts school of the Austrian Museum of Art and Industry, now the University of Applied Arts, four years of voluntary military service on the front followed. From 1918 onwards, Hauser was supported in his work as a freelance artist by the journalist and art agent Arthur Roessler. Until 1922, he stayed in the spa town Hals near Passau, which he chose as his workplace. During this time, he founded the German artist association "Der Fels" with Georg Philipp Wörlen. He also appears as a co-founder of the Viennese artist group "Free Movement", which strove to achieve greater independence from the art trade, and from 1925 onwards, as a member of the "Hagenbund", whose president he became in 1928. After 1918, his work formally developed from a style influenced by cubism and futurism into “New Objectivity” with colourful expressionistic tendencies. Hauser was not only active as a painter, but also as an etcher, lithographer, stage designer and writer. The year 1938 was a sudden turning point: Hauser fled to Switzerland, from where he only returned to Vienna in 1947. There he continued taking part in several exhibitions and in the following years received numerous awards, including the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, 1st Class, in 1979. Carry Hauser died on November 7, 1985 in Rekawinkel.