Friedrich Gauermann

1807 Miesenbach - 1862 Vienna

Friedrich Gauermann, the son of the landscape painter Jakob Gauermann, was born on September 20, 1807 in Miesenbach, Lower Austria. He received his first artistic education together with his older brother Carl from the father. In 1821 Friedrich made his first studies of nature and copies while following the exapmle of old masters. From 1824 to 1827, he completed an apprenticeship at the landscape school of the Vienna Academy. In the summer of 1829 he had already participated in the Munich Art Exhibition with two of his works. Gauermann made numerous trips to the Salzkammergut, to the Königssee, to Styria and to Tyrol, while often being accompanied by Josef Höger. At the beginning of the 1930s, new subjects such as hunting scenes and depictions of animal fights appeared in his oeuvre; he was often invited as a hunting guest by, among others, Archduke Johann to the Brandhof. In 1834 Gauermann accompanied Philipp Wirth to Munich and met with numerous fellow artists. In the same year, one of his paintings was presented at the Royal Academy in London. In 1836 Gauermann was at the height of his career and was appointed a member of the Vienna Academy. In 1838, the year of his wedding to Elisabeth Kurtz, he first visited Italy and stayed inter alia in Venice, Padua, Verona and at the Lake Garda. Two years later, he became a full member of the Munich art association. His second trip to Italy in 1843, together with Gustav Reinhold, led him inter alia to Trieste, Venice and Milan. In 1855, four of his paintings were successfully shown at the Paris World's Fair. Friedrich Gauermann died on July 7, 1862 in his apartment in Vienna.