Egon Ferdinand Grabner

1913 Graz - 1980 Vienna

The painter and draughtsman Egon Ferdinand Grabner was born in Graz in 1913. From 1936 to 1939, he worked as a freelance artist. Trips to Paris and Rome followed. From 1938 onwards, the artist primarily lived in Trieste. From 1940 to 1945, he was a war correspondent as a painter. A portfolio with etchings from the Russian campaign dates from that time. After the war, the artist attended the public art school in Tehran until 1956 and followed the orders from the Shah of Persia. He then worked as a freelance artist in Vienna until his death in 1980.

His works were part of numerous solo and collective exhibitions in the Secession, the Würthle gallery, the Galerie am Salzgries, the Eiserne Schmiede gallery and other galleries in Graz, Linz and Trieste. He was also given several public contracts from the municipality of Vienna for equipping schools, official buildings and hospitals, as well as a commission for a mosaic in the Schüttaustrasse. He has also received geat private orders, especially for the furnishing of offices of the Credit Protection Association, from Rohner Gehrig Vienna, in Switzerland and for oil paintings of the construction sites of the "West Autobahn" (Western motorway) from the ARGE Autobahn. In 1961 Egon Ferdinand Grabner was awarded the Vienna Art Fund Prize and a professor title. He was also awarded an artist's boarding house by the Ministry of Education and Art in 1978.

His works can be found in numerous collections: Ministry of Education and Art, Central Savings Bank of the Municipality of Vienna, DDSG, VOEST, Schoeller Bleckmann, IBM, private collections at home and abroad.