Hans Staudacher

1923 St. Urban, Carinthia - 2021 Vienna

Hans Staudacher, born at St. Urban on the Lake Ossiachersee on 14 January 1923, grew up in Villach, Carinthia. He is a self-taught painter, member of the Vienna Secession, the Forum Stadtpark in Graz and the art association "Kunstverein Kärtnen" in Klagenfurt. In 1956 he represented Austria at the Biennale and showed his works in numerous national and international exhibitions. He spent much time in Paris between 1954 and 1962. He has lived and worked in Vienna since 1950 and has been counted among the most important artists of non-figurative painting in Austria for at least 40 years. His works may essentially be categorized as the lyrical informalism, a type of painting rich in dramatic tension and defined by gesture.