Sabine Wiedenhofer

1974 Vienna

The artist Sabine Wiedenhofer, born in 1974 in Vienna, has Hungaro-Italian roots. Her talent and success is not a result of attending an art school, but rather from her keen ability to work auto didactically, due to that she is painting since her earliest youth time. She got influenced much by the Austrian artist Adolf Frohner, who engaged and supported her.

Firstly she works mainly on overpaintings. In 1993 she started her own paintings, dealing with the women’s freedom and feminism. Since 2009 Sabine Wiedenhofer is working on her series „Cubes“, that depicts building bricks of life that are setting together in a mosaic showing every component of our lives: happyness, love but also sadness and times of struggling. Moreover she restarted to overpaint previous paintings as well as photographs of animals and nature. Then in 2010 she faced up to barcodes. To Sabine Wiedenhofer they symbolise our individual codes of live, the trace that we will leave behind based on genetics, influences and environment. Recently also silk textiles depict the barcode-motif.

In general for Sabine Wiedenhofer painting is a way for her to express herself, to handle her impressions, that means active meditation and freedom in her eyes. For that reason her works are mirrors of her world.